Sarah Mitchell MLC visits Singleton Heights Pre-School

30th April, 2021

Sarah Mitchell visits Singleton Heights Pre-School in the Upper Hunter, reinforcing their passion and dedication to early childhood education

Fantastic to catch up with the outstanding Neisha and her team at Singleton Heights Preschool with Dave Layzell for Upper Hunter yesterday.

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit this preschool a number of times over the years, and I am always blown away by their passion and dedication to early childhood education.

Yesterday we had a look at the new room that was funded through a $330k Capital Works Grant provided by our Liberals and Nationals government, along with a new covered outdoor learning space that we also helped fund. The preschool has also recently been awarded an Excellent rating by ACECQA which is a phenomenal outcome and recognises their exceptional quality.

They also have an incredibly cool play area with the supermarket being my favourite!!

Thanks again to Neisha and your staff for having us – it’s always a joy to visit you 😊😊

Visit to Singleton Heights Pre-School

Originally published on Facebook by Sarah Mitchell MLC.