Singleton Heights Pre-school dedicated to teaching value of sustainability

2nd February, 2022

You could describe their commitment to a better, cleaner and more sustainable future as being more than just a passion – it underlays the very existence of their workplace.

Singleton Heights Pre-School is the living example of what creating a better world for our children actually looks like.

The Pre School’s director Neisha Dean and its sustainability and environmental program mentor Angela Fuller want to make a difference in their students’ lives by showing them what can be done with food scraps, how much power comes from solar panels, what their recycled plastic can make and why caring for each other and their world is so important for their future.

“We can show our children how to grow trees from seedlings, how to care for the veggie patch, how their leftover food scraps can feed the worms in the sub pod who then feed the soil,” said Mrs Fuller.

“At their age they absorb these lessons so quickly and easily and then they take that message home and start educating their families about making a difference to the way they impact the environment.

“Children are simply the best educators and having them teach others is a wonderful part of our program and we know they do as they talk about what’s changed at home or what they did on the weekend such picking up rubbish in their neighbourhood.”

For Mrs Fuller the need to act now to ensure our children’s future is viral.

“Lets be honest we haven’t done the greatest job on protecting the environment for the next generation so what we do at the pre school shows them we care and want to help them enjoy a bright future on a healthy planet,” she said.

By Louise Nichols

Updated March 2 2022 – 11:18am, first published February 2 2022 – 11:00am
Originally published on Facebook by The Singleton Argus.